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The capital of Noord Holland province, Haarlem is a lively city and centre of the tulip bulb industry, and is considered a perfect place to live with a family. The Expat Haarlem website lists local information, social clubs, blogs and service providers to help you make the most of your stay.

Local advice and information
Haarlem Shuffle
City council website

Rental accommodation
Haarlem Real Estate
Randstad Wonen
Veth Realty & Consultancy B.V.

Learn Dutch
Lexicon Communications
Lingua Sparks

Tandarts Haarlem

Anglican Church Haarlem

Social clubs
English-speaking Contact Group of Haarlem
Expats Haarlem

Rood en Wit cricket club
Rugby Club Haarlem

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The website Expat Haarlem aims to provide expats with a quick and easy reference guide to local information providers and services which cater to the city’s international residents.

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About Haarlem

Capital of the province of Noord Holland, the beautiful old city of Haarlem is home to around 153,000 residents, making it the 13th largest city in the Netherlands. Haarlem is located on the banks of the Spaarne River about 20kms from Amsterdam and 5km from the coast.

The name Haarlem dates back to the 10th century and means ‘home on a forested dune’, in reference to its proximity to the coastline. Originally an important trading post due to its location on the river, Haarlem was also famous for locally produced beers, textiles and chocolates.

For centuries, Haarlem was also known as Bloemenstad or flower city, identifying it as the major centre, past and present, of the tulip bulb growing industry.

The history of Haarlem continues to enhance the daily lives of its inhabitants. The original city, predominantly comprised of wooden structures, was almost totally destroyed by fire in 1328. The efforts to rebuild the city can still be seen in the grand buildings that circle the Grote Markt including the St Bavo Church, and the monument houses lining the canals and quaint backstreets of the city center.

City of Culture

An abundance of culture attracts many visitors to Haarlem. Lovers of drama, dance and music are spoilt throughout the year with a busy program of performances at the Stadsschouwberg, Toneelschuur, and Patronaat. Haarlem also plays host to popular music festivals including the Haarlem Jazzstad (August), Bevrijdingspop (May), and Haarlemmerhoutfestival (June).

Since the 18th century, has historically had the highest number of museums per inhabitant in the Netherlands. Highly recommended are the Teyler’s Museum, the oldest museum in the country with an impressive collection of art, science and technology exhibitions; Frans Hals Museum; De Hallen; and the national museum of psychiatry – het Dolhuys or madhouse.

Expat Haarlem

Haarlem is a popular relocation choice for expat families. Accommodation is more spacious and the streets less busy than in the larger cities. There is a multitude of choices for eating venues; bars; sporting clubs; shops; schools; childcare; nature areas, and playgrounds. Better yet, escaping to the beach is easy – about 20minutes to either Bloemendaal aan Zee or Zandvoort.

The expat community is thriving. Haarlem does not have an international school, hence most expat families send their children to local schools.

Getting Around

For motorists Haarlem is well-connected on the Dutch highway network, yet commuting via public transport is often a faster and easier option. Direct train connections run to Amsterdam (15minutes); The Hague; Rotterdam; Leiden and Delft. Similarly busses to Schipol International Airport and smaller towns leave on a regular basis.

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